Fri 22 Mar

10 Egg-cellent Easter Treats at 欧美视频

Looking to make the most of your Easter long weekend? 欧美视频 Fish Market is the place to be! Easter is a family-friendly event at the Market, with thousands of 欧美视频siders coming down to enjoy the cooling weather and stock up on seafood for their Easter celebrations.  

If you're planning on popping in, we've got some amazing recommendations from our retailers for you to try. Sit down and join us for a snack while you reel in your Easter prawns!  

Temaki Rolls 

Head to GetFish for a tasty temaki roll. This is a type of sushi similar to a classic hand roll, and is super easy to enjoy while you shop. Think seasoned sushi rice and salmon or tuna, green onion, and tobiko, all wrapped up in a crunchy nori sheet. In general, GetFish has a beautiful sushi selection that is absolutely worth Instagramming... And keep an eye out for their special dessert sushi, complete with fresh fruit. 

Oyster Bento  

No Easter is complete without oysters! There is a mind-blowing variety of oysters at the Market, but we reckon one of the best ways to enjoy these as a mid-shop snack is in an Oyster Bento. Six oysters, served with three different delicious dressings, in a handy little tray perfect for carrying around with you as you shop. Our favourite style is seaweed salad and fish roe, but you can also get spicy tabasco and ginger-soy varieties. 


If you haven’t already checked it out, Nicholas has opened a new (ish) Takoyaki stall in 欧美视频 Fish Market’s main arcade. You can choose from octopus, prawn, or a combo of both, and even add creamy kewpie mayo and bonito flakes to any choice. Trust us, they’re addictive - just make sure you don’t burn your mouth, as they’re made hot and fresh to order! 

Acai Bowls   

Feeling like something fruity and fresh? Our on-site greengrocer Fruitezy has Acai Bowls fresh on tap, with three flavours for you to choose from... Plus, you get unlimited toppings! From dulce de leche, to passionfruit, to cacao nibs, the refreshing and healthy combinations are endless. If you’re looking for a healthy and energising snack, Fruitezy is the place to go. 

Salt & Pepper Squid  

Ask one of the friendly fishmongers at Peters, Nicholas, or Christie's to help you select a glistening, fresh, Australian squid, then ask for it to be deep fried, Chinese salt and pepper style. The result? Piping hot, crunchy morsels of squid that we have been told are superior to even the famed Tetsuya’s. The servings here are huge, so make sure you've got the family gathered around to share it!  

Wagyu Kimchi Toastie  

Blackwattle Deli is famous for its incredible selection of artisanal deli products, but they also have one of the best cafes in the market. Their toasties are all to die for, but if you want something unique, you have to try their Wagyu Kimchi Toastie. Rich and flavoursome, with just the right amount of spicy bite, this dish will keep you fueled up for your Easter shopping adventures.  

They also make a fantastic coffee, served with a free cookie – perfect if you’re taking advantage of our extended Easter trading hours and popping in early. 

Wagyu Brisket Burger  

All seafood-ed out? Head over to Vic's Meat Market to find a real carnivore's cavern of delights. They've got every kind of quality meat you would ever think of throwing on your BBQ (and a few kinds you've never heard of!), as well as an on-site Smokehouse. Our pick from their menu is the Wagyu Brisket Burger, featuring 10-hour smoked Wagyu Brisket, tangy slaw, and house-made BBQ sauce. So satisfying. 

Milk Tea 

Now, with all that shopping, you’ll be craving a refreshing drink to keep you going. Machi Machi has a wide variety of irresistible milk teas, as well as matcha, smoothies and freshly brewed teas. Their signature cream cheese foam is a must-try and one of the most popular choices. 

Poke Bowl  

If all the fried, grilled, and smoked options at our retailers aren't up your alley, a great lighter, fresher option are the Poke Bowls. Available at the sushi bars of most retailers, these convenient snacks are not only filling but super healthy. Choose from salmon, kingfish, or tuna sashimi, and you'll receive a bowl of the highest quality fish, sushi rice, fish roe, and veggies to perfectly satisfy your snackiness. 

Chocolate-covered Fruit 

Since it’s Easter, it’s only fitting you enjoy some indulgent chocolate-covered fruit. Fruitezy does strawberries, watermelon, banana, mango and more, covered in a decadent layer of cold, chocolatey goodness – some even topped with nuts or coconut. There’s no better way to end your visit than on a sweet note!